How will MiCA regulation impact Estonian crypto businesses?

Mica Regulation Impact

The MiCA regulation impact will touch all EU countries, including Estonian crypto-related businesses. 
Even tho strict crypto rules have been active in Estonia for quite some time, crypto-related companies still need to make numerous changes to meet MiCA EU rules. The regulation will come into force soon. Now is the right time to ensure your company falls into the new needed legislation.
What will change and what impact will MiCA have on Estonian crypto businesses read from the post.

Understanding the Estonian Tax System: A Comprehensive Guide

Estonian tax system

Estonia offers a business-friendly tax environment with a notable 0% tax on undistributed enterprise earnings. The straightforward tax residency rules and efforts to prevent dual taxation further enhance its appeal. 

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12 Reasons Why to Register a Company in Estonia

Register a company in Estonia

Estonia, a small yet dynamic country in the Baltic region, has become a hotspot for entrepreneurs around the globe. With its innovative e-residency program and a business-friendly environment, Estonia is attractive to numerous businesses.
Here are 12 compelling reasons why registering a company in Estonia could be your next smart business move.

The Core of MiCA: What is MiCA regulation, and why is it needed?

Mica regulation

The EU markets move towards embracing crypto-assets, and the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) regulation stands as a cornerstone for streamlined processes and growth.
This article looks into what is MiCA regulation, examining its relevance and impact on the EU markets.

Exploring the role of CASP under the emerging EU crypto regulations

The role of CASP

The expanding world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is currently a regulatory grey area in many jurisdictions.
However, one critical component gaining recognition and legal oversight is CASP, short for Crypto Asset Service Providers.
With the EU’s recent proposal to implement Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulations, it’s crucial to understand the significance and role…

The Basics of VASP – Virtual Asset Service Provider

What is VASP

The concept of Virtual Asset Service Providers, VASP-s – what is VASP, what is virtual asset, when VASP was first introduced and by whom? What are examples of Virtual Asset Service Providers? ‍Are NFTs, Stablecoin providers, and decentralized finance protocols VASPs?
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